Corporate Eye Health With Samsung

One of the most common eye health conditions suffered by office workers is digital eye strain, also similar to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) which is normally caused by prolonged digital exposure. Through this Eye Health Screening organised at SAMSUNG headquarters in Malaysia on the 16th November, we managed to be of service to the corporate staff by providing them with personalised consultation.

To drive further awareness for the community to the importance of prevention, our professional optometrists also assisted in providing extensive eye health screening which involves corneal and retina assessment which is also an integral part of our 6-in-1 Vision Experience. These two equipment assist in providing our optometrist a better understanding of their eye health conditions such as any corneal damages, cataract, glaucoma and dry eye symptoms. We also managed to find out through these assessments that employees closer to the age of 30s are starting to show visible signs of glaucoma or am suffering from the condition.

After the Eye Health Screening session, our in-house optometrist, Mr. Dylan provided a virtual talk in regards to how we can better prevent our eyes from all these conditions and how to better manage our eye health.

Through this corporate screening and talk, we were able to gauge that our community is still yet to be exposed to proper eye health care and education and we would like to further extend these services to provide more awareness and exposure in understanding why vision is an important part of our life. We hope that our community will also help support us in this vision for eye care.

“To a better vision in the future and in Eye Health, We Care More.”