Myopia / Short Sightedness


If you have dry eyes, eye drops Myopia or Short Sightedness is one of the leading problems of common visual problems today. Uncorrected myopia will deteriorate the performance of the child in school, as there is decrease in child’s ability to function optimally or be competitive in sports. The vast majority of the population will show no myopia at the age of five.

In the Asian population, the percentage of the people with myopia is much higher, reaching 90% in some university courses.

Risk factors for developing myopia

  • Having one or both parents with myopia
  • A desire or need to sustain close work such as reading or computer work for long periods
  • A need for detail and exactness in school work
  • Little desire to take part in team outdoor activities
  • Poor focusing flexibility
  • A focusing system that is 'out of tune' with working distance

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Aging Visions Dry Eye Syndrome Myopia / Shortsightedness Lens Care Tips
Aging Visions Dry Eye Syndrome Myopia / Short Sightedness Lens Care Tips