Contact Lens Care Tips


Contact Lens Care Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling the contact lenses. To avoid confusion, always start with the same eye.
Place the lense on the palm of your hand. Apply at least 3 drops of multi-purpose solution to each lens surface Contact Lens Care
Contact Lens Care Gently rub the lens using a circular motion for at least 10 seconds
Repeat this procedure for the other side of the same lens Contact Lens Care
Contact Lens Care Place the lens in the lens case
Fill the vial with fresh multi-purpose solution. Then screw the cap tightly. Repeat the procedure with your other lens. Contact Lens Care
Contact Lens Care Refer to the usage guidelines of your specific brand and allow lenses to soak accordingly as per the hours required. For ultimate comfort, rinse the lenses with multi-purpose solution prior to inserting into your eyes.
After wearing contact lens, discard remaining solution from the lens case and then rinse it with fresh multi-purpose solution. Leave case open to air dry. Contact Lens Care
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