Juicing Recipes for Eye Health Vitamins


Fruit Juices

Fresh Orange Juice
(Vitamin A & C)

5 Oranges

Carrot & Apple Juice
(Vitamin A, C & E)

4 Carrots, 1 Apple

Apple, Kiwi & Blackberry
(Vitamin A, C & E)

1 Apple, 2 Kiwis, 1 Blackberry

The Lemony Cucapple
(Vitamin A, C & E)

1 Apple, 1/2 Cucumber, 1/4 of Lemon

Berry Good Eyes
(Vitamin C & E)

1 cup each for blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries

Eye Eye Captain
(Vitamin A)

4 Carrots, 1 cup of Kale, 1 cup of Spinach, and 1/2 of an Apple


1.Prepare ingredients as mentioned above.
2. Remove stem if necessary and rinse with cold water / room-temperature water.
3. Put all ingredients into a mixer / blender and mix them well. Add sugar syrup if necessary.

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